Homemade Baklava

Baklava is a phyllo dessert, filled with walnuts or other nuts and then soaked in syrup. In Albania we call it Bakllava.

1. Make Dough

2. Rolling Phyllo Layers

3. Filling with Walnuts

5. Syrup

4. Baking

Steps to Make Baklava From Scratch!

Baklava dough is very easy to make: flour, water, egg yolks, salt and olive oil.  Make dough, knead and let rest for 30 minutes. Then make dough rolls.

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Making the Dough


Roll each dough ball with a rolling pin of your choice to a flat, thin layer of phyllo. I use an Albanian rolling pin called okllai. 

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Rolling Phyllo


The traditional Albannian filling is walnuts and a little sugar. Other walnut baklavas can be walnut/cinnamon. There are also fillings with pistachios, hazelnuts etc.

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Once all layers of phyllo are set on the baking tray with filling halfway though inside, then cut the baklave in diamond shapes before baking.

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Cutting Baklava


Add cold syrup over hot baked baklava or hot syrup over cold baklava.  My syrup is made with water, sugar, cloves and lemon. You can have honey or other flavors in your syrup.

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That's a picture of me making phyllo.  Check out my recipe in the blog with a video for full recipe. Thank you:)

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